Surely These Aren’t Handmade?

No, those items featured on the Etsy front page aren’t handmade. They are mass-produced in a factory in China. But the shop isn’t going anywhere. This post, however…. will soon be deleted, thread will be closed, someone will get muted…

Etsy Marketplace Integrity Team at work.



“D” Word Banned from Etsy

We know what becomes of those threads that say the “C“(hina) word; now Etsy has banned another word from its’ forums – the “D” word. And what is the “D” word, you ask? “D“ouglas Erwin.

Douglas Erwin is a former Etsy seller who gained a reputation with his Etsy peers as intelligent, funny, helpful, interesting, insightful… Douglas, not afraid to speak his mind (which he does delightfully on his blog), was muted from the Etsy forums for speaking too loudly (reasonably).  One of Douglas’s Etsy friends recently posted that she missed Douglas and his opinions which led to the suggestion by another member that Douglas be nominated as an Etsy Community Mentor for all the work he has done helping others within the Etsy community. This discussion further led to someone mentioning where Douglas could now be found (over at his blog), but no live link was posted.

On a side note, remember those disgusting and very graphic “rape t-shirt” forum threads that went on and on and on and on for days and days on end? Well not the We Love Douglas thread! Etsy killed it within about twenty seconds.

Not only is Douglas himself banned from the Etsy forums, but Etsy members are now banned from ever saying his name.

Etsy. Damn fools.