Surely These Aren’t Handmade?

No, those items featured on the Etsy front page aren’t handmade. They are mass-produced in a factory in China. But the shop isn’t going anywhere. This post, however…. will soon be deleted, thread will be closed, someone will get muted…

Etsy Marketplace Integrity Team at work.



Out of 578,130

Out of 578,130 bags and purses listed on Etsy, guess which is the chosen one for a Browse landing page feature?? If it looks familiar, it is because Rusetsy has also featured this bag, here and here and here.

bagagain bagsagain2

Etsy is Listening

Okay, Etsy, ‘fess up… are you eavesdropping on ole’ Rusetsy here?  ‘Cause only a day or so ago Rusetsy asked why you hardly ever feature Chinese shops on the front page…. and yesterday… you came through and did just that.

The front page treasury featured the MiniBeeBee shop, seller of items knitted, crocheted, sewn. And MiniBeeBee’s owner gives us the buzz on her shop:  “All the crocheted items are 100% handmade.” Very successful,  the MiniBeeBee shop. And a busy beebee she must be…be (sorry, couldn’t resist.) Just look at all that product… and all those sales. Impressive. And… so industrious… her products are also for sale on Aliexpress. And I love her story…. wait… there is no story…

Congrats on the Front Page, MiniBeeBee. Well-deserved feature!