Etsy New Guidelines: Forum Topics

Links to (a few) New Guidelines and Policies Forum Topics from October, 2013:

One hour until Town Meeting at 11am! I’m excited! Will you be there?

What Would You Ask Chad?

Town Hall chitchat

Does this mean what I think it means?

Dear Chad. Re: Post Announcement Reaction Request.

RE: Big Brands on Etsy

Town Hall – No Vintage?

Recapping the Week

Marketplace Integrity – Some Items Were Not Allowed, Are They Now?

old preamble, new guidelines…

Can I now be a manufacturer for Etsy shops under the new guidelines??

Etsy’s new guidelines are creating controversy!

Leaving etsy??

IPO? Is Etsy going to be publicly traded and is this the reason for the new guidelines?

Can Someone Please Clarify How These New Guidelines Apply to Photography?

Please make sure ALL ADMINS understand the guidelines and agree on what they mean

What non-Etsians think about new guidelines.. What have you heard?

I wasn’t worried about the new guidelines until I saw this……

Anyone Else Feel Betrayed?

Request for Etsy to Require Correct Labeling & Categorizing

Administration Says No to Separate Categories & Why

Zibbet just posted on Twitter….

Staying or Leaving ETSY – following Chad’s TownHall

Dear Etsy, I think it is important that you know

I had to prove I was handmade only a few months ago

Why the reaction is so negative.

DIALOG? newest announcement from Etsy

Question for admin on shops leaving Etsy

The end of “homemade” ?

Really sad about the new “Handmade” policies…anyone else?

What does Etsy expect me to do now?

An open letter to Etsy’s policy creators from a Buyer

When are the perma muted getting to appeal, Chad?

Etsy now violates US law

WHY are designs printed on FABRIC now different from those printed on PAPER

Why didn’t you think we would be upset?

“We think most buyers aren’t savvy…”

Why all the hubbub from independent artisans?

Regarding press coverage of seller community’s reactions

Lets be Transparent – To Admin @KIMM et al

Opportunity rather than Threat!

Is Drop-Shipping now OK?

Why are you leaving Etsy?

Questioning Continuing As A Buyer Here

Holy cow!!!! What direction is Etsy going in??!!!

The Do’s and Dont’s Were Useful, Now What?

Is this now considered handmade?

Handmade is 1 word not 8

The Big Picture

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