Goodbye Etsy

A little list of Etsy sellers saying “Goodbye Etsy.”

Normajean Allen from norph 8:21 pm Dec 7, 2013 EST

“I have been a member of Etsy for about 2 years now and done ok. But now for the last month or two I have had little to NO lookers or sales. I have heard rumors about the downfall of this company and how many members have deleted all their items and was advised to do the same to which I did as of today. Life is a problem without adding to it from Etsy so I am gone. Good Luck to all who stay here.”
Kym from MsAlisEmporium 9:15 pm Dec 7, 2013 EST

I’ve been a member since 2006…closed 2 of my 5 shops, 2 more will close within the next few weeks as I migrate to my website or just donate the stock. Business is dead. 🙂 It’s NOT just you



A Smile for Vella, another longtime seller saying goodbye:

… Im a very strong person but Im also smart enough to know when its time to go. Staying here is like holding on to a bad one sided relationship where only one person benefits…

Anne and her creatures say goodbye:

I cannot, in good conscience, continue to sell (or buy) on a site that is intentionally disingenuous. Calling mass-produced items ‘handmade’ is not only audacious, it’s dishonest…

PomegranateFarm says goodbye, after requesting honesty from Etsy

Where Did They All Go?




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