Etsy Shut-Ups

My all time favorite shut-up:

Tina C from HeartSmileFarms 2:02 am Oct 9, 2013 EDT
“Well, according to the new definition of handmade:

Someone, somewhere, at some time, had this idea for an item, see, and then they sort of decided that they really are mostly an “idea” kind of person, so they called up, oh I don’t know, China, and said, “hey- I have this really great idea but I just don’t have the time to actually make it with my own hands,” so this guy in China said, “well hey, I have this big building with lots of machines and I can get lots of poor women and even some children to run them and make them with THEIR hands” and poof – the handmade items were rolling off the factory lines and then the magic etsy fairy dropped shipped all of it to the US!

And Etsy Administration says “SHUT-UP:”

Hi there,Shops are now allowed to use third party or what has been referred to as drop shipping. It’s completely possible that items will ship from a different location than where they are made or where the shop is located.

Read more details about this and other new policies in the below forums Announcement from October 1st:

If you see an item, shop or member that appears to be violating our policies than please flag it so that our Marketplace Integrity Team can conduct an investigation.

Lastly, we don’t use the forums as a place to disparage items, shops, members or any race, country, religion, etc.


Don’t disparage a specific member, shop, item, or category of product (identified either by name or with detailed hints) with unconstructive, negative posts.

Content posted in community spaces must not promote, support or glorify hatred toward or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation.


One thought on “Etsy Shut-Ups

  1. I just got perma muted by etsy. It isn’t the first time; I was already chastised one and literally groveled to get back to the forums. This infraction (if you can call it that) was sitting on a forum for ages…I wasn’t even aware there was a problem until this evening. I had been on the forums off and on all day the this evening I got hit with the dreaded gray bar that said I was not allowed to join in. Puzzled I checked other topics to find that sure enough I have been slapped again! Since it is my second perma muting I don’t think they will change this one.
    I checked my email and there was the letter telling me I have been a bad girl and they were taking away my forum rights. I fired a letter back explaining my comment. It had only been to ask someone how old they were. NOT for information and not to have them answer but as a reflection as in “If I am THIS old this should be my course of action. And if I am THIS old then I should try…”. Finally after a couple emails I old them they could pretty much do what ever they wanted but I didn’t care to join their stupid forums if this is what it took. Insolent little beggars!

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