Etsy Lexicon – The Etsy Language Guide

Etsy has its’ own language and, accordingly, its’ own word definitions. Please be aware that the Etsy definition is not always consistent with the common-sense, everyday definition. This Etsy Language Guide is an interpretive guide to Etsy Lexicon (based only upon opinion, of course.)


bullshit: day-to-day workings of Etsy; that which comes from the mouths of Administrators and the Etsy CEO


Chinetsy: post-New Guideline e-commerce marketplace for all things machine made, new, and readily supplied to duped buyers (thank you to Deb for this one)

common sense:  judgment based on Etsy perception

community: those used by Etsy to its exclusive benefit; also, a lie made up by Etsy to get sellers to promote the site (thank you to Anne for this)


designer-inspired: (see below from Life During Wartime)

dialog: a one-sided conversation; usually coming from Etsy and directed toward Etsy users; normally of little substance


handmade:  every made thing – synonyms: factory-made; manufactured; mass-produced

honesty: indirectness; insincerity


integrity:  of questionable ethics and morality – synonyms: insincere


OOAK or one-of-a-kind:  items made one by one, in a factory


redacted listing: (see below from Life During Wartime)


transparent; transparency:  vague; ill-defined

trust: uncertainty; unreliability


vintage: (see below from Life during Wartime)


Q&A:  Administration Question & Answer session where Administration selects and chats about a useless topic; in Etsyspeak, also known as, (one-sided) conversation or dialog


The “C” word: China

The “other C” word: copyright

The “D” word: Douglas Erwin

The “T” word: trademark

5 thoughts on “Etsy Lexicon – The Etsy Language Guide

  1. Under C—

    Chinetsy — the post-New Guideline e-commerce marketplace for all things machine made, new, and readily supplied to duped buyers.

    I am enjoying you blog.

  2. V: Vintage (1) a 20+ year old item that has been significantly altered by the seller; (2) a brand new mass manufactured imported item made in a style that looks like it could be old, retro; (3) a digital copy of an image from decades past; (4) any used item, (5) any contemporary item bought cheaply as an overstock, (6) an item made to order by the seller with some vintage materials.

    U: Upcycled: any item, new or vintage, that has been embellished or altered. The embellishment or alteration need not add any collectible or aesthetic value to the item.

    D: Designer Inspired: Replica, fake, or knock off of designer brand name merchandise, often featuring a famous logo. Usually a reseller item, mass manufactured. Often found only on Etsy after identical items on all other English language ecommerce sites have been removed under DMCA. Neither handmade nor vintage, but allowed on Etsy until a complaint is received from the brand owner because this stuff sells like hautecakes to Etsy’s current target market. (See Redacted Listing)

    R: Redacted Listing: Blank listing in an Etsy shop’s sold item gallery, captioned “removed”. Etsy removes the listing and images when contacted by the owner of copyrighted material, used without permission by the seller. A shop can be closed for three separate infringements/redactions by Etsy if the seller makes their own items. If the shop owner is a reseller (especially an import business) they can continue to violate copyrights on Etsy indefinitely.

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