Etsy in the News

Please note: This is a work in progress. Feel free to submit links to those new stories and articles you would like to see listed here:

More Etsy in the News

November 7, 2013: Bloomberg Business Week “Etsy’s New Rules to Allow Biggers Sellers Spark Identity Crisis” – 4 comments

October 14, 2013: Huffington Post “Humanity, Policy, Making Things, and Etsy’s Future” – (Caterina Fake article) – 120 comments

October 5, 2013: The Daily Dot “Etsy Leaves Handmade Behind, Sparking a User Exodus” – 12 comments

October 1, 2013: PCMag “Etsy Sellers Can Now Hire Staff, Use Outside Manufacturers”

October 1, 2013: Entrepreneur “Will Etsy’s New Policy Turn It Into Ebay?” – 23 comments

October 1, 2013: Gigaom “Etsy Clarifies Policies on Reselling…” – 13 comments

January 28, 2013: Venture Beat “Etsy in 2012: Sales Up…” – Includes Etsy Fauxtistics for 2012 – 1 comment

August 30, 2013:  Bloomberg “Will Success Ruin Etsy?” – 119 comments, many from disgruntled Etsy users

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