2014 Prediction

This 2014 prediction from an anonymous Rusetsy reader (with permission):

Maybe  the  sellers who are commenting on the Forums regarding the shambles that Chad & Co. have made out of Etsy,  haven’t noticed  that suddenly they all have a lot of time on their hands.  In other words, they are  doing so little business in their shops, that they can actually sit at their computers and speculate with others similarly situated as to why it is that their sales have dropped like a lead balloon.  Face it folks, it’s comforting to have a bunch of people with you on the Titanic as it’s going down, but it’s still the Titanic.  I was kind of surprised that the Admins haven’t quashed the rebellion, but then I realized that party season doesn’t end till sometime in the middle of January.  That goes for those folks over at  stopfakes.com too.   I think that the new “guidelines” aren’t going to be the only thing shaking things up in the next few weeks.  Looks like 2014 is going to be an interesting year for some folks.


Etsy Forums Afire

The burning topic on the Etsy forums (and the Zibbet forums) today is that Zibbet founder, Andrew Gray, is the pastor of a Christian (C3) church. The OP,  in this post, states her concerns about his ties to the C3 church and the fact that she and Andrew don’t share the same views on abortion and homosexuality, and this led to her decision to close her Zibbet shop. Since the OP felt others might also find Andrew’s beliefs relevant to their business decisions, she wanted to make them aware of his beliefs based on his then-public twitter postings. She also posted a link to a 2008, somewhat biased article about the type of church Andrew pastors.

The OP may as well have thrown a match into a tank of gasoline because the thread quickly ignited into a flame-throwing free-for-all that I won’t even attempt to try and explain. Just read it for yourself if you dare. But take the fire extinguisher.

(edited to delete previous snarky comments about Etsy Administrator Anee)