Thank You for Your Understanding


One Etsy Seller had her shop closed due to non-payment of her account while she was dealing with the death of her mother. Upon return to her shop, she found it closed, paid her bill, and received a response saying her shop would be reopened. It was not, so she contacted Etsy support. Not once. Not twice. But three times. But, surprise, surprise. No response.

She posted to the Bugs forum, obviously in frustration, asking for advice on what else she could do to get her shop reopened. A day later, an Administrator pops in to close down the thread  (emphasis added):

Marie Kelly from EiramVintage11:06 am Dec 20, 2013 EST

I’m going to bring this thread to a close, because this is not a bug. My condolences for your loss:( We will be in touch via the emails you sent. Thank you for your understanding.
If this was not a bug, then this seller was purposely ignored until she came to the forum for help. And you expect understanding for this??
I find it very hard to understand why customer support is not available when a customer needs support. I find it very hard to understand why customer support is not available 24/7 on a site that operates 24/7, considering others’ livelihoods are at stake. I find it very hard to understand why Etsy doesn’t put customer support at the top of the priority list: what could be more important than your customers??
Oh, yea. The bottom line. To offer real support would be costly, and would cut into the profits. Can’t have that now, can we?

Bye-Bye Kitty

Looks like several Etsy shops had listings removed and/or shop closures today because of the mischievous kitty.

What about the other 26,827 listings??



Etsy Throws OOAK’ers a Bone

In response to community outcry at Etsy’s abuse of the term OOAK, Administration has thrown the OOAK’ers a bone…. as in, stick this bone in your mouth and SHUT UP….

The bone is waaaaayyyy down at the bottom of the Forums in the Holiday Promotions Section. Will Etsy be linking to this section from the OOAK banner splashed across the front page now (mis)leading buyers to anything-but-OOAK? Don’t think so.


This is just more Etsy bullshit intended to appease those it so royally pissed off and Rob’s lame attempt to justify Etsy’s misuse of the term OOAK did nothing but throw salt on an open wound (emphasis and snark added):

“I see what you’re referring to; let me see if I can clear this up. (yes, please clear up why you are using the term OOAK when it so obviously does not apply)

Our campaign (would that be a OOAK campaign? or a use-the-OOAK-term-to-send-buyers-to-anything-but-OOAK-campaign?) is focused on letting new visitors and people unfamiliar with Etsy (those unaware they are being duped) know that Etsy is where one-of-a-kind gifts come from (they come from Etsy, but since you will never find them, here look at this instead). Lots of you make these one-of-a-kind items (and sorry we couldn’t feature you… but if you are only making OOAK items, you could not possibly be making enough product to waste our precious featured real estate on), and you can find them all over Etsy (try page 250 of any search). You can see them turn up in the gift guides put together by our partners on Pages or the Browse pages linked from our Holiday Gifts page here (where I will further slap you in the face and send you back to the featured holiday gift guide where you will be hard-pressed to find any OOAK items):

The gifts on these pages just scratch the surface of the amazing things that sellers create and find. Your shops make this marketplace one like nowhere else, and this campaign is intended to connect your shops with more buyers who are looking for one-of-a-kind gifts. (ya’ know, Rob, wouldn’t it make more sense to connect buyers who are looking for one-of-a-kind-gifts with those who actually sell OOAK????)”


Etsy Redefines One-of-a-Kind

Etsy, Where the Hell Is Support?

This was posted in Bugs OVER A WEEK AGO:

All of my listing in my shop sudden disappear?

Hello All,I was wondering suddenly all of my listing ready for sell, they’re all disappearing? Are there’s some seller encounter the same problem?
From Administration, a week ago:
Hi Eden!Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are actively looking into this to determine what might have happened.Thank you for your patience!
Thank you so much for the help of your team, I hope the problem will be solved soon.
It is day 7 after Administration chimed in, and guess what? Still no listings for Eden. And,
Help! Me too!! About 90 listings are suddenly GONE!! Not under expired, inactive, etc just gone. This is my busiest time of year, this is so frustrating. They were all there last night, where are they now?? I can’t imagine having to recreate 90 unique listings. Help!!!!!!Kristen
More, Now You See It, Now You Don’t:

Etsy Browse: How the Game Has Changed

Etsy Sellers should not overlook the importance of the new front page. This is the page new buyers to Etsy first encounter.  Now that the old front page is less significant to the new buyer,  it will eventually become less significant to the Etsy seller, and having an item featured on the “front page” will take on a new meaning.  As there is no way, prior to signing up, for new buyers to access the old front page or categories, all roads now lead to Browse, and Browse will continue to take center stage. Unfortunately for sellers, there is no guarantee items will ever be included in this quasi-curated feature.

Member favorites also play an important role on the new front page and, in my opinion, these are destined to replace treasuries.  I would watch for “favorites teams” to start replacing many of the “treasury teams,” and this will eventually lead to those teams once again “owning” prime Etsy real estate.

The changeover to the Browse experience,  the new front page, new feedback system, and new guidelines have forever changed the Etsy game. Are you still playing?

Recent Browse Experience

A recent search and browse experience in the “Wedding Cake Toppers” category:

Search for “wedding cake toppers” indicates

38,725 – # for sale
10,000 – # that show in “wedding cake toppers” search
28,725 – # listings that do not show up at all


1 shop occupies 2 browse slots for pages 1 through 7, and then

page 8 – 5 slots

page 9 – 4 slots

page 10 – 7 slots

and yet, there are 28,725 listings that do not show up at all in search; and if they don’t show up in search, I can guarantee they do not show up in browse



Etsy Says There is Nothing Wrong With Search & Browse; Advises Sellers to Work on Their Listings

One of the main complaints from Etsy Sellers revolves around the Search and Browse functions: some shops dominate search pages, while more relevant shops are deeply buried within search; browse lacks diversity, continuously featuring the same shops and the same items; search and browse pages do not often change, if at all, etc., etc.

Etsy responses (emphasis added):

Lori Forty from chillionaire2:11 pm Oct 4, 2013 EDT edited

We assure you we carefully analyze data related to views, favorites, and sales for site features such as Browse. This is why we run experiments: to make sure any changes will have a positive impact on the site. We absolutely want our sellers to be successful, as this is the only way Etsy can thrive.
In the experiment, referenced in this, some adjustments were made to the algorithm, but there were no changes to the amount of diversity present in Browse slices. I have confirmed this information with the team working on the feature and analyzing the data we’ve collected.
If any of you have grabbed screenshots showing a lack of diversity, we welcome you to send them over to us.
You can use the Support contact form here:

lisa june5:27 pm Oct 24, 2013 EDT

Just to clear things up, search results aren’t curated. The order is determined by our relevancy algorithm, but I definitely see what you’re saying.
Our best advice is to take advantage of your tags and titles to create high quality listings. You can find more specific tips
So…… let me get this straight. You contact customer support via email; you never get an answer back from customer support via email, so you contact customer support via “Bugs”; customer support comes into “Bugs,” and says contact customer support via email. And if that doesn’t work, just read the help articles.
and this post has been going on for several months about low views and sales
and a direct plea from Sellers to Administration for answers