Waving to the NSA

NSA, when you get this message, would you please pass it on to your boss? Tell him the American people, and those abroad, are appalled that he allows your agency to spy on us and collect our private information, and we are so very tired of government abuse of our rights and freedoms, and trampling of the U.S. Constitution by this administration.

Also let him know that while we are in agreement with the CEOs of the billion-dollar corporations calling for NSA reform, those CEOs do not speak for us. They are as far removed from the American public as the President himself. The companies represented by those CEOs are as guilty as the NSA of abusing the privacy of users and tracking user information, and their interests lie only in how NSA actions effect their bottom-dollar. 

For the average American (the 99%), we want our freedoms restored and for the government to mind its own business. Which business, by the way, should be working for us, not against us. Please let your boss know we are also tired of being forced to turn over our hard-earned money to the government to waste as it sees fit, even funding the very agency that spies on us. 

To those CEOs who contributed to the Obama campaign , you get what you pay for.

We Are in Big Trouble. Big with a Capital B.

This would be downright funny. If it wasn’t so freakin’ scary. The President of the United States today held a meeting with CEO’s of the big dog tech companies and Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO, was among them. On the agenda was Obamacare and the NSA surveillance programs.

God forbid that Chad gave the President any advice on the Health.gov website issues. We think there are problems now, can you even imagine?

Mr. President, first you redefine health

…then send those who lie and cheat to the front of the line for preferential treatment…

…and site search… we can fix that right up for you… oh don’t worry, Mr. President, I’ve got IT geniuses working for me….

We know how to shut those up that don’t agree with your health care plan… 

…well, see, you call it an insurance policy, but….

…and you have the IRS base the illnesses on relevancy… of course, Etsy Administrators could help out…

Yes sir, we have an entire Integrity Team…. they and Kathleen Sebelius would get along just fine…

Mr. President, you and I see eye-to-eye on this transparency thing…

If the United States of America is depending on Chad Dickerson to help save healthcare.gov, we are in Very. Big. Trouble.

As for the NSA issues… I can’t even go there right now….

But, hey. I think there is a hidden agenda here. I think Mr. President wants to know about all those treasuries he has heard Chad is in charge of… boy. Won’t he be disappointed… No, Mr. President, not THAT kind of treasury…

Wonder if Chad took Obama one of those handmade t-shirts from Etsy??




Chad on CNBC

Has anyone watched the CNBC interview with Chad the Dickerson? Rusetsy has yet to have the pleasure (as my ‘puter speakers are dead, Jim) but was reading forum comments on the interview where the rumor of Etsy Going Public was quickly squelched, and at least one Etsy seller thinks Chad is a “class act.” (Rusetsy agrees with part of that description, he is an act.)

More comments in this post.

When will the billion dollar company spend a little of that money on some real advertising instead of using the media to advertise for free?


Etsy is so proud of its recent joke-of-a-report, the Etsy Sellers’ Economic Report, that Etsy PR looks to be cramming it down the throat of every media outlet in the U.S. NBC must have recently received its copy as this article on “Etsynomics”  was published yesterday on Today.com. NBC wasn’t as harsh as Slate.com, but did notice the lowly little income generated by Etsynomics (emphasis added):

And most aren’t getting rich. The report finds that sales contribute an average of 7.6 percent to a seller’s household income, a little over $3,400…

The NBC article features three Etsy success stories… one will make $8,500 this year, another $25,000 – not exactly Quit-Your-Day-Job money.  One, a supply seller, is said to have a $100,000 business revealing one Etsy truth: supplies are the money-makers; handmades are not.

So, what exactly is the purpose of Etsy’s Economic Report? From the Etsy blog post introducing the Report (emphasis added): “We’ll be using our findings to urge policymakers to acknowledge the economic power of micro-businesses and to adapt public policies to support and promote them.”

The Report is for the purpose of lobbying the U.S. government for change… what exact change we don’t know, but you can bet it is change that will benefit Etsyinc, not the small seller.

More Etsy in the News

As always, another tiring article that begins with “Etsy, a website for handmade and vintage goods…”

The interesting tidbit (emphasis added):

The company expects a new revenue line to come out of its business putting Etsy sellers’ products in brick and mortar stores, like Nordstrom Inc., but hasn’t yet figured out that business model, Mr. Dickerson said.

Ummmm….. I know I’m not the sharpest, but wouldn’t you want to figure out the business model before embarking on a project? He must mean he hasn’t yet figured out to get his hands deep enough into these artists’ pockets.

Etsy is Going to Save America

Hehehe. I think this little call-in favor from Etsy to Yahoo backfired. The charming little story (obviously churned out by Etsy PR)  on how Etsy, the “top marketplace for vintage and handmade goods” is going to put America back to work is titled: “Etsy: Putting America Back to Work One Knitted Potholder at a Time.” That title is so hilarious hoohoohoo….  even Etsy buddies are poking fun, and Etsy doesn’t get it!! The more the company tries to dig out of that shit hole it jumped into, the more ridiculous it looks. At least to those outside the company.

But Chad. Chad and his band of merry followers really believe this shit. They really think Etsy is going to save America. Hell. Save the world. And as Yahoo so cleverly stated, one (mass-produced) potholder at the time…. 

The most outrageous Etsy spin from the article is this comment on the recent “hit” to Etsy’s reputation:

…Etsy seems to have bounced back from any negativity…

Are they serious? 

Those people in Brooklyn are delusional.

The most telling quote from the article (emphasis added):

…(Etsy) in September launched a new program to both expand Etsy’s reach and help a faltering city grappling with skyrocketing unemployment...

Yep. That is what Etsy is all about. Expanding its reach (this time, into the pockets of the unemployed in a faltering city) and helping (preying on) the little guy to do so. Shame. On. You, Etsy. Shame on you.

From Good Buyer to Goodbye Buyer

Thank you to a Rusetsy reader for pointing out this post, “At a loss for words,” evidence of another Etsy buyer saying bye, bye to Etsy. In my opinion, one of the most telling posts to come out of the forums in a while.

The OP’s customer sent her a handwritten letter detailing why she would no longer be shopping with the seller or Etsy, and was followed up with a telephone conversation between buyer and seller.  The buyer had this to say, as quoted by the OP:

…buying on Etsy, or from a brand that supports Etsy, is contrary to the handmade movement [she] wholeheartedly” supports.

Most thread sentiment was respect and understanding for the buyer’s decision and sadness for the OP in losing a valued customer. However, some nitwits schooled in Etsy tactics accused fellow sellers of being the cause of Etsy’s loss of buyers, the bad press, and Etsy’s failing reputation; and further, of being spiteful, unfocused, single-minded, uncompassionate, dramatic, and unperceptive. Others of this same mindset accused the bye-buyer of being insulting, hurtful, unusual, unkind, rude, unfair, dramatic, disrespectful, bizarre, manipulative, small-minded, and unwilling. Yes, I’m at a loss for words too.

Not only does this forum post give a buyer’s perspective, and accompanying sentiment of distrust of, and disrespect for buyer opinion from some sellers (another Etsy trait), this forum post also highlights the blindness of some of those very same sellers. On the subject of bad press, one called the recent HuffPost Live segment “irresponsible journalism,” yet did not acknowledge irresponsible product labeling, irresponsible marketing, irresponsible handling of money, irresponsible customer service, irresponsible changes, irresponsible shop closures, irresponsible engineering, etc, etc, etc coming daily from Etsy. Get you some eyeglasses, darlin’. And not the rose-colored ones.

One particular seller whose feet are so rooted in Etsy concrete she will never wiggle free said she “would never vouch for an entire venue.” She too has been Etsy-schooled in hyprocrisy, as this seller is ALWAYS vouching for the Etsy venue, so much so I’ve often wondered if she is on the payroll. She questioned the credibility of the Huffington Post while also calling those voicing honest opinions about Etsy changes “outraged sellers.”  Quick to state her own opinions, she seems to think others should stifle theirs about the damages being done to them by Etsycorp:

…I can’t get my head around damaging other sellers in the process of expressing my frustration with Etsy.

I believe when the Etsytanic goes down, this seller will clamor to be first on the lifeboat, as she shows little concern for the effect Etsy changes has had on others:

 …I can still earn a living. Thankfully, since etsy sellers never seem to concern themselves with the effect of all their protestations…

…If I can’t feed my children because nobody shops at etsy, are those sellers (those voicing negative opinions) going to be there for me? Its extremely saddening to know other sellers have no problem harming me or other sellers in my shoes.

Whew! Glad I’m not swimming the Etsy sea wearing those weighty, concrete-encased shoes…

More thoughts on the forum post from The Muted Seller, “The Cupcakes Just Don’t Get It.