Don’t Bother Tagging Your Listings, or Copper Stuff

How much time do you spend learning SEO, then applying it your shop – coming up with just the right searchable tags for your listings? Well, don’t waste your time.  Etsy can and will replace your tags with its tags…. such as “copper stuff.”  Don’t know about you, but I don’t normally search for “stuff.”

“Listings coming up, but showing unavailable to purchase”

Whoa! That’s a biggie there for the Etsy seller. Seems this problem has been around for a while, and causing buyers to cancel sales, not continue purchases…

04/30/13  “…Our engineers are currently investigating…”

10/11/13 “We’ll be looking into this directly.”

10/23/13 “Any update Admin??”



“Wow, I Thought They Were a Real Company”

Another example of Etsy customer no-service:

A forum post from an Etsy Buyer, “Why Is Etsy Customer Service SO Bad?”


Angela C. 7:42 pm Oct 23, 2013 EDT edited

My experience with etsy. Placed order at the end of Sept for Halloween items. Did not receive items so emailed the seller on Oct 12. NO response. Opened case on Oct 14. No response from anyone. Wrote Etsy a couple of days later (was told I would get response within 24 hours). A week later no response still from anyone. Started threads on Etsy to find out what to do and finally got a response from Etsy then saying I had to wait a week for the case to be open with no resolution and then escalate the case. I did that. Today the case is finally looked at by Etsy employee who says I have to wait ANOTHER week then clearly state whether or not I rec’d the item then they MAY issue a refund. I would also like to add I had people off of the threads I started email saying they never get responses from emails to Etsy and how bad the customer service is. Beyond disappointed with my Etsy experience. Over 10 pages of purchases I’ve made sine 2008. Will NEVER use Etsy again.
Angela C. 7:47 pm Oct 23, 2013 EDT

It’s not even the seller’s lack of response that bothers me so much. That would not be the fault of Etsy. It’s Etsy’s customer service that is appalling and how they handle problems like this. I am expected to wait weeks and weeks and babysit the “case” until they finally make a resolution. I am going to contact my CC company and get a refund and not use this site again. Sad because I’ve purchased many cool items. Cannot spend my hard earned cash at a site that doesn’t care at all about their customers though. No trust in Etsy now.
Angela C. 8:06 pm Oct 23, 2013 EDT

That is sad that they have gone downhill so much. I actually never had a problem in all these years using them so I didn’t know how horrible their customer service was. I recommend starting the case sooner rather than later considering that it takes weeks for them to resolve it. Also, you have to keep checking back on the case and escalate it, etc or they will just close it. Talk about crappy.
Angela C. 7:58 pm Oct 23, 2013 EDT

It would be my hope that as a seller you would also address these problems with Etsy and that they would make a change in their policies. I do not want to “punish” other sellers because Etsy doesn’t care about their customers but at the same time I don’t feel comfortable using a site that is this bad when problems arise. I can just go through my CC and get a refund but I was hoping Etsy would step up and show me why I’ve been a faithful customer for so many years. It is beyond disappointing to me. This is why I am publicly complaining. If more than one person will make it known to Etsy that they need to step up their game maybe they will. When I explained what all was happening to my husband his response was “Wow. I thought they were a real company.”. Can’t say I don’t agree with this response.