Chad’s Year in Review

Etsy’s December statistics have yet to surface, but through his recent blog post, “2013 Year in Review” Chad reminded the community of all the wonderful, empowering, world-changing things Etsy did in 2013. (He forgot to mention screwing the handmade community by redefining “handmade.”)

He spoke so proudly of Etsy accomplishments, but there was no mention of handmade – instead, he talked about creative goods and “buyers cherishing one-of-a-kind objects that they can’t find anywhere else.”


Does the man ever browse Etsy?

And, does he not realize how ridiculous he sounds spouting this nonsense over the head of the elephant in the room?

But most importantly, how can anyone believe a word this man says??

I swear reading the comments section was almost as painful as reading the post.

8 thoughts on “Chad’s Year in Review

  1. I think he’s in his own lil dream world and he honestly believes the crap that is coming out of his mouth. That’s scary because in that case this site for true handmade is doomed.

  2. Yes, I don’t know what’s more painful to read, Chad’s lies or the sad, hopeful comments from clueless sellers. Factories posing as individual shops have grown. Resellers are multiplying. They’ve infiltrated Etsy to the point of no return. Why bother reporting them? They don’t get shut down because they’re Etsy’s bread and butter.

    Etsy is just a smaller version of Ebay without auctions.

    Real handmade artists and artisans are Etsy’s facade – the face Etsy puts on to attract buyers. Once the buyers are there, Etsy doesn’t care if they buy a real handmade item or if they buy crap made in a sweat shop.

    If Etsy’s Marketplace Integrity team can’t tell the difference between a handcrafted original necklace and a bubble necklace made in a factory – they have a problem. If they can’t tell the difference between a mass-produced cell phone case and a cell phone case that an individual crafter decorated by hand – they have a problem. I believe the integrity team has been instructed to leave these sellers alone.

    After all, Chad says Etsy is, “…putting businesses to work to improve the world, and championing economic empowerment.” We just didn’t know he was talking about China.

  3. RealHandmadeGal, you are correct. The integrity team has been instructed to leave the re-sellers alone. One seller who reported a few of them was told via email by the team that the public wants what the re-sellers have in their shops. So they are here to stay. It’s become difficult to find the one-of-a-kind objects in the Ebay atmosphere. I know what to look for and I have a hard time. There have been buyers saying they thought they were purchasing a hand made item and received a cheap factory imitation. They’re dismayed at the cost of sending it back to China. Many sellers are reporting getting convos asking for discounts. Instead of auctions the buyers bargain through messages.

    • I get bargainers quite often. Most seem to think that buying any more than one thing warrants a discount and if I don’t give them a high enough discount then I never hear from them again… honestly though, I don’t want those kinds of people as my customers. They don’t understand the value of handmade, and quite frankly, don’t deserve it.

      • Same here I get the how much of a discount will you give me if I purchase more than one all the time, I believe in good customer service, even if I want to smack the person so I politely inform them that I do not give discount for multiple purchases. What I really want to say is, this is not a flea market you idiot!!!

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