Catching Up, and Enough is Enough

Took a few days off, and catching up…

Town Hall: I have been unable to view the Town Hall, but from what I have gathered from forum posts, not much to it other than promises, promises from Etsy. From one handmade seller:

I watched the town hall, and although there are some nice ideas, the bells and whistles don’t matter if I can’t be found.

Looks like the useless Customer Service Stats feature is going awayanybody care?

Noticed a few dared to point out the non-handmade handmade on Etsy:

Manufacturing…Not really Hand Made…not really Etsy

4 stores selling the same custom made dress

Buyer Question: Is this really considered handmade?

How to compete with other shops which sell mass produced items but claim it as handmade?

And for some sellers, enough is enough…

when do you decided Etsy is not working

9 thoughts on “Catching Up, and Enough is Enough

  1. Yes, every time you look in the Forum (for me usually only when I get a RUSEtsy update and click on the link!) things just keep getting worse – if that’s possible.

    Have you guys seen this idiocy? Where, in Etsy’s mass-produced factory-made marketplace, artisans creating handmade goods are now being reduced to “shop staff”? Etsy just keeps on disrespecting handmade and indie artisans in one way after another, and this is the latest.

    • I try to stay away from the forums. I’ve just been reading Rusetsy. 🙂 But I did hear about the ‘shop staff’ thing. I figured that something was up because Zibbet just got a pretty good influx of premium sellers in the last few days. So glad to be gone from Etsy. Just keeps getting worse and worse.

    • Yes it is getting worst. For my own sanity, I stay out of the forums. If I’m not seeing things getting worst, I see clueless cupcake eaters that have no idea what’s going on and trying to figure out how come their tags and titles aren’t getting them more sales. Jeez!

    • I agree. I tried to care about the town hall, and corresponding discussions, and then I realized I really don’t. I finally feel free from the Etsy clutches. I care in so much as keeping abreast of what’s happening at eCommerce sites, but as far as my personal interest / concern? It’s finally over.

  2. I think the pages and pages of the exact same so-called handmade item (which they are aware aren’t really handmade) will deter buyers who are looking for something that’s different than what they can buy at Walmart.

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