5 thoughts on “Ebay? Etsy? Where Am I?

    • Did you hear that everyone? Just pay yourself third world wages to compete! Voila! Problem solved.

      Shyster only begins to cover it.

  1. One of the things that has long bothered me about Etsy sellers is their gullibility coupled with a complete lack of knowledge about the most basic business practices. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do know you keep receipts, keep records, get a business licence, etc. as well as how to package goods and deal with customers (I worked for the government for many years so I know everyone gets their share of insane people).. And I also know there’s a lotta shysters out there with “free” business advice, which is worth as much as you pay for it.

    But the Etsy culture is “just speak only nice things! Don’t ever say anything bad about anyone else! We love each other! We’re helping you reach your potential and make crafty stuff! We’re all in this together!” And they buy into it and are then devalued by this jerk and they BELIEVE it.


  2. No one would have to compete with Chinese factories if they weren’t there. As someone else mentioned, type the word cheap in the Etsy search bar and see just how many factory items there are!

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