Surely These Aren’t Handmade?

No, those items featured on the Etsy front page aren’t handmade. They are mass-produced in a factory in China. But the shop isn’t going anywhere. This post, however…. will soon be deleted, thread will be closed, someone will get muted…

Etsy Marketplace Integrity Team at work.


7 thoughts on “Surely These Aren’t Handmade?

  1. How right you are! The post has been deleted, the thread closed, and I’m sure a nasty email is on it’s way to the OP at this very moment. Why can’t the integrity team spend 5 seconds to do a search on Ebay before they put something on the front page? Are they that naive or just lacking in intelligence?

  2. What I find truly incredible, is the responses to this post. So many commentors think that this Chinese, mass produced, factory made crap is just okee dokee with them because, they are not their direct competition or because they are “handmade in a factory” (that one always gets me) or because maybe the items were to be used as a supply (give me a break).
    The same old advice persists, just report the offending shop to Admin who will take care of it. Oh sure, it that the same Admin who put this shop on the front page in the first place? And the notion that reporting a shop will get you in trouble doesn’t happen is absurd. If you are banned from the forums, how is anyone going to know your shop has been put on the naughty list?
    I suppose there is so much opposition to the OP because most sellers who agree with her have left and gone to Zibbet.

    • I spent a lot of time flagging obvious resellers and it put a target on my back. I was perma muted twice (!) for non-ofensive remarks when others in the same thread were allowed. The first time I appealed it the second time I basically told them to shove it….this last time I think will stick. I no longer flag and I keep my head down but I will dance on the day these idiots see their site go down.

  3. It did warm my heart a little bit to see so many people pissed off about it, and speaking up … You know, before they’re muted. *sigh*

  4. Same as it ever was…. nothing changes regarding the front page. Resellers, copyright infringers, scammy “how can they be in good standing” shops have been placed on the front pages for a long time. Hard to believe the Etsy doublespeak saying they vet everything. The visual evidence proves otherwise!

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