Copycat Thieves Taking Over Etsy

This is outrageous! This much-deserved call out will soon be swept aside by Etsy; but Rusetsy intends it to stand. These thieves will not remain anonymous. It appears the same person (or entity) has opened several shops and flooded the Etsy marketplace (and search) with stolen designs (and photos) by this seller and others while also undercutting the original designer’s prices. All of these shops are from China which fact will most probably be scrubbed from the forum post.

All of these shops should be shut down by Etsy and there should be no second chance. This is not copyright infringement or trademark infringement by accident or ignorance; this is blatant thievery and should not be tolerated.

Instead of closing down the thread (which will soon happen), Etsy Administration should be closing down the shops.





6 thoughts on “Copycat Thieves Taking Over Etsy

  1. Par for the course. Remove anything pointing to the scam shops, and close the thread so it gets buried. They don’t want the other sellers to see what’s going on. The seller who opened the thread will get a warning if not muted by Etsy. Those seven shops from China will be allowed to remain and sell the stolen designs. This is the new Etsy. They’d rather have multiple shops selling the design so they can rake in more money and the seller who put all the work into the design gets screwed.

  2. On the flip side I saw a thread today where the shop owner was all over upset that ‘everyone’ was copying her ‘original’ design. Big hoopla and everyone rushed to her support. With a little checking it was obvious that she had bought a bee charm on aliexpress glued it to a bobby pin and called her design. Really?Really? Now I am not above making some quick and easy things for fillers at a show or a few cheap things in my shop but I never call them my original designs. That is only for the things that I truly design. Etsy has messed with peoples perception and skewed it all out of whack.

  3. There has been an ongoing problem for well over a year now, where some Chinese factory is taking the images of 100s of visual artists from Etsy (and elsewhere), directly from their shops, mass producing pillow covers with them…and those pillow covers are being sold (thousands of sales) by at least 40 shops at any given time on Etsy. There is almost always one of these shops on Etsy’s “trending” page when I check and they’ve been featured in places like Etsy Finds as well. If you’d like a list of the shops so you can do a post of that, I’d be happy to provide. Etsy refuses to listen. I’ve found six of these shops selling pillows with my work on it. The listings will have three pillows…all with designs from the same artist. The pictures are exactly the same. The pillows are exactly the same. Etsy WILL remove the images, if you file copyright infringement complaints, but that doesn’t change the fact that we shouldn’t have to be filing DMCA complaints on Etsy for these items, since they’re not supposed to be allowed on Etsy anyway. They say resellers aren’t allowed, but they obviously are. These particular resellers have told some of us artists via convos (easily verifiable, if Etsy wanted to) that they’re not handmade. And now, whoever is producing the pillows seem to also be producing prints of our work, as well. I’ve found mine on tao bao dot com (do not go to this site…it makes my computer freak out) WITH MY NAME STILL ON THE PRINT. I have come firmly to the conclusion that Etsy doesn’t care. In two years, Etsy will be a venue where anything and everything can be sold. You’ve heard the story about the frog in the pot of water that gradually rises in temperature until he’s boiling but he doesn’t realize it? They’re slowly turning up the temps on us. I love Etsy as a place to make money selling my art and am doing better than ever there, in that regard. But I’ve utterly lost faith in Etsy as a venue that actually cares about makers.

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