More Etsy Scamming

I’m not sure what to do.


How do I get my $205.00 back?

Confused about Seller

I have not recieved my item!!

Item never received

Hate to complain but dont no what else to do help

shop disappear ??

No refund?

purchase not arrived.

Thief on etsy

Paid but item not received

Seller not honoring B1G1

So I didn’t receive an item..

Case Opened by Me and almost Immediately Closed by Etsy



5 thoughts on “More Etsy Scamming

  1. I feel badly for the people who have been scammed and will likely never get their money back. But I have to wonder about the long-term wisdom of this kind of business model, which has been intensifying since Chad took over. “We’re not responsible. We’re just a venue. File a complaint with PayPal or your credit card. Email us. Don’t disparage shops.”

    How can this kind of appalling customer “service” go on, and especially go unnoticed by regulators and investors, before the Interstate Commerce Commission or the FTC or NYAG start taking notice?

    • I agree, there won’t be a business to follow a model if customers keep getting burned, and stop coming back, especially with Etsy’s denial that anything’s wrong.

  2. I’m shocked, no, appalled that this would ever occur at Etsy, especially with all of the honest, hard working resellers that are currently taking over Etsy … not!!! This was so expected. Why would anyone be shocked. If Etsy won’t do anything about it, and I’m sure they won’t, this will be a common occurrence and Etsy will go down sooner than expected.

  3. I see these complaints from buyers every day. Every single day. This already is a common occurrence. Some of the shops Etsy closes down, some are scam stores where the seller gets payments and then shuts the shop down. No regard is given to the buyers. On Ebay when a shop is closed an email will be sent giving the buyers instructions on what to do. On Etsy the buyers are screwed.

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