Sellers Tire of Etsy Poaching

“Here are some other items from other sellers”

This seller perfectly sums up Etsy poaching:

Here’s how I feel about all this, in a nut shell…..
Etsy does not bring buyers to our shops (aside from a very small amount of accidental overflow through a messed up internal search attempt), we have to find buyers ourselves. That is fine – we pay for the right to display our products on their site, for a small fee. They are just a venue. It is also a tremendous time suck and hit-or-miss undertaking with no promise of the hard work of finding customers panning out. If we can’t find our buyers, we have little, if any, chance of succeeding. To have the “venue” that you pay rent to arbitrarily syphon off our efforts of getting buyers into our shops, and then redirect them to our competition, is highway robbery in my book. Those buyers belong to the person who found them, since we have to harvest them. The venue obviously feels otherwise, for what reason, I cannot imagine. To have the venue help themselves and send them to our competition crosses so many ethical lines, I can hardly talk about it. There are a lot of things happening here that I think cross the line of ethics in so many ways…but as long as people, myself included, tolerate it, it will not change. It weighs heavily on me and as soon as I figure out an alternative market for my products, I will head there – pronto!

6 thoughts on “Sellers Tire of Etsy Poaching

  1. More and more often we’ve been noticing Etsy’s lack of ethics which is basically not conforming to accepted standards of conduct. Since I don’t recall their lack ethics being an issue four years ago, I would have to blame it on Chad. While the site has had phenomenal growth, it seems ethical behavior is in decline. So this lack thereof starts at the top and trickles down to every single employee. Muting, shop closings, dropping shops into obscurity in search, censorship, harboring resellers. All of this unethical behavior starts at the top.

    Once upon a time Ebay and Paypal had the same sort of behavior with the same sort of Chad like character at the helm. Once they reached a certain level of growth, they removed the bad guys in charge and put someone in place to work on their reputation. Now Ebay and Paypal have stellar customer service. At the rate it’s going, Etsy’s horrible reputation and lack off customer service will begin to have a negative affect on the books. When that happens Chad will go and someone else will take over.

    It’s going to very interesting to watch.

  2. Ethical isn’t a word that can be used in conjunction with Etsy. It’s the reason I stopped promoting Etsy to all my friends and moved my shop to Zibbet. When I reported shops that were obvious re-sellers with the corresponding links to Alibaba and nothing was done I realized something was wrong. I think a year is more than enough time for admin to check out the shops. They’re still there with the cheap factory made merchandise.

    • You work hard on your handmade items and instead of Etsy directing the buyer to your shop they’re led elsewhere. Chad has managed to destroy the reputation of Etsy to the point were it’s referred to as a flea market on a news station. As the person above mentioned there is absolutely no customer service for either buyers or sellers.

  3. Do Etsy Inc. and Chad really believe their “we want to change the world” mantra? Or is it a cover for “we want to make as much money as possible and don’t care how we do it.” They remind me of politicians who claim they’re all about fairness. Elitists who think they know what’s best for everyone and do whatever they deem necessary to achieve that goal.

    What they do to achieve these lofty goals has no effect on them. Many politicians are already wealthy, Etsy’s investors are definitely well off, and Chad gets a nice regular paycheck. But the people they say they want to help are actually being hurt.

    Etsy: resellers, factories posing as individual sellers, allowing manufacturing which is a front for resellers, redirecting buyers aka poaching, not pro-active on copyright infringement, no real telephone support — all about making more money for Etsy, increasing the bottom line for a future IPO. Gov’t: income redistribution, health insurance, NSA spying (stopping here so I don’t sound like a nutcase) — all about control.

    You’ve got to love this article about Chad, just 2 months before the big manufacturing change —

    Special quotes (not necessarily from the mouth of Chad). He, “… believes in the higher purpose of Etsy.” “He truly believes in the manifest destiny of Etsy.” Don’t laugh here, “Dickerson believes that Etsy is at the forefront of the maker movement and a new way of commerce that is the polar opposite of the mass-produced industrial economic system.” HUH?

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