Beyond Frustration

Etsy Seller has stolen my Pic!

Another seller here on Etsy has stolen my pic (of me wearing one of my items!) I’ve contacted her & asked her to take it down & I’ve contacted Etsy Support. I haven’t received a response from either party & it’s been almost 5 days. In the meantime my photo is still on the front page of her listing. To be completely honest it’s really pissing me off! And Etsy has done nothing! Which is also pissing me off; we should be able to turn to Etsy for help in situations like this. Does anyone have any idea what I can do? I’ve had this happen before but it was on EBay. EBay made them take it down right away. I’m just so frustrated with Etsy right now!

Etsy hasn’t even bothered to respond to my message or my “report this shop”. It’s like Etsy Support doesn’t even exist!
…I’ve done everything I can. I’ve filed the DCMA takedown notice, I’ve messaged the seller twice & reported the shop twice to Etsy. I haven’t received any replies from the shop owner or Etsy. I’m beyond frustrated. Etsy is just ignoring me.
Why didn’t Etsy Support answer the first message from this customer and let her know how to proceed?? 

4 thoughts on “Beyond Frustration

    • Exactly. There’s much more important things to do like making sure no one says anything bad about China, or Etsy. And retaliating against those that do. That is a full time job.

    • I can’t believe the amount of time they spend on policing the forums. If you even mention China you will get an email giving you a warning the first time and you’re muted after that. Instead of looking into the shops selling factory items they are busy sending emails because a seller had the nerve to point out those shops aren’t supposed to be there. However, if a seller has a real problem the admin aren’t anywhere to be seen! Sellers go to the forums every day asking advice because Etsy hasn’t responded to their repeated emails.

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