Administrative Robots

As this new buyer to Etsy tries to get assistance from Etsy support regarding his $9,000 order, his frustration is evident:

No phone number. No customer service.Lousy email response.Why do people keep buying? I really want to buy more from this site but so far very disappointed!

…So I am in limbo over something a brief phone call could resolve…if I could reach any of you by phone.

…I want to talk to someone at Etsy. I’ve tried emailing them and they haven’t replied…

…Why do you all stay loyal to a site with no customer service for technical issues like this?

The Etsy Administrator’s robotic reply further proves this buyer’s point about lousy customer service:

…someone will be in touch soon…

…then the Administrator points him to the help topic on phone requests…. and then:

Best of luck in resolving this issue! 

This is Etsy customer support at its finest.




2 thoughts on “Administrative Robots

  1. Buyers won’t be loyal after getting cheated. More and more buyers are coming to the forums to ask what to do about fake merchandise, closed shops, and rude sellers.

    • Etsy is doing a great job ruining its own reputation, along with the reputation of everyone else still associated with this company.

      *slow clap*

      Nice work, Etsy!

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