We do it all…

Those About Pages are certainly helping with shop transparency and site integrity…

We are involved in every step of the process from venturing into NYC and scoping out the stores of the Diamond District for the finest quality products to putting together and creating each piece of jewelry, we do it all…

blush1 blush2

3 thoughts on “We do it all…

  1. The sad part is how many bubble necklaces they have sold. I really don’t see the appeal of something you see everywhere. If people keep buying cheap junk, it will continue to be sold on E.

  2. Thank goodness for courageous souls like Melike and Tugba (and hundreds of other sellers), fearlessly stepping into the streets of New York City, valiantly fighting for the best deals in the diamond district, heroically hunting down the elusive and gorgeous jewelry we all crave.

    Jewelry so rare, so stunning, that we come back day after day to view new, unique designs that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Designs photographed in such bold and daring ways that we are drawn into a world of beauty never known before.

    And those crystals! Surprise – some of them are actually plastic! And the metals – such mystery! Will they turn my skin green? Do they contain lead? The adventure on Etsy is just beginning, buckle up!

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