The Fox Tale

Anee is watching this forum thread like a fox and daring anyone to make another snide comment… 




12 thoughts on “The Fox Tale

  1. It is indeed sad. They spend hours deleting comments that reference certain sellers, yet there are thousands of comments about the spam Etsy is putting in your stores activity feed. They could use that time to fix the spam mistake. They say it increased sales. Gee, do you think that maybe the holiday season increased sales and not the spam? They only hire non-thinkers.

  2. What they should be doing is coming up with some high tech biz speak words to add on their resumes to cover the fact that all they’re doing is censoring comments all day. LOL!

    As far as the job itself, I just don’t see anything to be proud of in it. I’d be embarrassed to tell someone that’s what I did for a living. But it takes all kinds, I guess.

  3. There’s no way I’d have my name and photo next to canned comments. I’d be embarrassed too. It’s like saying, hi everyone, I picked response 5 for this thread today. That’s probably why you can’t speak to a human at Etsy. They’re only allowed a few canned words. How would they ever hold a conversation?

  4. I often wonder at the type of person that can do something that, for all intents and purposes. is unethical (at the very least) because they were told to do it. It seems so… Third Reich. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the type of censorship they practice is wrong, but the reason they do it is to earn a paycheck. I don’t recall in all my years, having a employer ask me to do something unethical. Not sure how I would have responded.

    “I do it because they told me to.”


  5. They also sell the tail of a leopard cat, like the size of a domestic kitty. Soon to appear in our Etsy recommendations feed, cause they don’t want to miss out on any new trends like wearing a dead cats tail on your purse.

  6. Policing that forum isn’t enough. If Etsy wants to protect a customer’s privacy, then they shouldn’t leave the only option for help to a public forum. This is the reason companies use a real customer service department with real people answering the phones. And not a “you leave an message and we’ll call you back later” system. Etsy seems to be confused about who their customers are. Because of that confusion both sellers and buyers are suffering. The cornerstone to any successful business is it’s reputation for delivering great customer service. Esty isn’t even trying. The reason they aren’t trying is really have no concept of what it is.

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