Etsy Recommends Sex Toys to Its Customers

This Etsy customer is rightly upset that Etsy is recommending sex toys to her through her shop activity feed:

I found it quite offensive to find these pictures in my activity feed. I never favorited this shop, nor would I. I’m not condemning the fact that they are being sold, just that they showed up in my shop.
Etsy, you have no right to do this.

The Etsy-Powers-that-Be obviously feel they do have the right and Administration continues to ignore the negative feedback generated by the new Etsy-recommendations feature.


Received a “Recommended” on my activity feed that featured pot

3 thoughts on “Etsy Recommends Sex Toys to Its Customers

    • I also find bikini underwear which are too small for the big butt women modeling them to be offensive. If I want to look at a big butt, I could just look in a mirror. Not exactly proper viewing in the office.

  1. They ignore the negative feedback just like they ignore the reports on re-sellers. If they believe it’s making them money then it stays. How people feel about these things doesn’t matter. Makes me glad I left.

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