Etsy Clarifies (Changes) Offsite Linking Policies

Etsy has finally clarified the offsite linking policy. Administration made an announcement today that it is now okay for sellers to provide a link to a personal retail site (or any other site) from any feature within their shop, but the only clickable link will be from the About Page. However, sellers cannot suggest buyers go elsewhere to make a purchase.

“…As long as you’re not urging or suggesting that your buyers leave Etsy to make a purchase, you’re welcome to include any links you want in your shop…”

Look for more of this in the future:





I find this policy clarification change interesting as there are certain to be many who will link to personal sites offering products more cheaply than on Etsy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Etsy backpedaling on this one.


I’ll Get Back With You

2 thoughts on “Etsy Clarifies (Changes) Offsite Linking Policies

  1. I know I’m not the smartest person in the world, but that seems like a trap to me. Not that I care any more, but it just looks like a way to get rid of actual handmade sellers by having a self-contradictory statement (“sure, go ahead and link to your other store but for God’s sake don’t you dare suggest that someone go BUY there”).

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