Take the Money and Run…

These threads are becoming more and more prevalent:

donald rise (canisdirusStore) has disappeared from etsy, what do I do to get my $ back?

This post from the recent Q&A thread:

“Have been an Etsy buyer for years, always had positive transactions, until now. For four weeks I have been trying to communicate with a seller in China. Did not get two Items I paid for. The seller keeps telling me I will get them, I have not gotten them. Sent the seller five emails, his responses have included he lost the items and did not ship them and her would try to ship two more items I did not choose. Still waiting. I have filed two cases regarding this dishonest seller. The Etsy responses basically tell me to refile the cases. The resolution process is confusing and I really feel that customer satisfaction is not a priority. Very discouraged.”

3 thoughts on “Take the Money and Run…

  1. Sorry but I’m all out of pity for these folks. Maybe the extremely low price of the “handmade item” or perhaps the seller being in China should be the tip off now. Buyer beware. Perhaps if it happens enough these people will move on to a site that has real handmade items. They wanted cheap crap. If the customers didn’t want it, they wouldn’t be outselling the rest of us. Just a thought.

  2. There seems to be a high occurrence of buyers not receiving items and buyers finding shops they ordered from closed. Many of these buyers stated they won’t return.

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