9 thoughts on “Original Designs

  1. 1. I hope he reports all the shops to Etsy. I can see it would be a lot of work to keep up – at least he has people alerting him to the problem. When shops like this are shut down, Etsy needs to block their IP address so they can’t open another store. I think this can be done. Even though the thieves would probably figure out a work-around, Etsy should do everything they can possibly think of to combat the problem. I really don’t think they take it seriously.

    2. How many of those shops are resellers or factories selling as a handmade shop? All of them I’d bet. So all of those shops should be brought into compliance or shut down by Etsy.

  2. I just went back to look at my now-empty Etsy shop: Etsy thoughtfully went into my About page and deleted my announcement that I am now at Zibbet. I put it back (along with the information that I sell REAL handmade, not poorly made cheap crap from sweatshops). We will see how long it stays up.

  3. Violets and Wine – WOW! Looking for shops like yours is how Etsy spends their time rather than fixing what really needs fixing. Why am I not surprised? When the day comes that I can leave Etsy, the plan is to leave a few inexpensive items in the shop so they can’t close it and put my website address in the listings and everywhere else I can. I think we should use them the way they’ve been using us all these years.

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