Just Another Day…


…I used to think Etsy was such a great home for artists and crafters to come together and have a place in this mass marketed, mass produced world. It doesn’t seem to be that way anymore..

…I can no longer in good conscience recommend Etsy as a place to buy handmade…

Does it concern anyone..

…that if you look back to the very start of the forum, in 2005, many of the sellers don’t have their shops anymore?…wonder what happened…

After 3 great years, ETSY has SHUT DOWN MY SHOP.

Crackdown needed for new items listed as “vintage”

…Etsy really, really needs to crack down on newly made items listed in the vintage section…

Large Shops Desperately Need MORE SECTIONS!!

…I have been in support of this for some time now. Etsy still refuses to do it despite everyone crying out for more sections and they come up with some strange “reasons” for being against it (such as claiming it will create buyer confusion)…

…If it does not make money for Etsy, it is so far down on their list as to be invisible…

I think ever since I started with Etsy in 2009 that “this” (meaning more sections) has been asked for…

All I want is a really nice handmade purse

…So I go to Etsy – isn’t Etsy where I sell my handmade stuff?

B’jeebuz! What a load of tosh is being sold under the guises of ‘handmade’ and ‘vintage’. I am slowly losing my patience with Etsy and will probably withdraw before long…

…I really, really hate that Etsy’s going in this direction and changing the definition of handmade to suit their pocketbooks…

…I do worry that if it’s difficult to find hand made purses that my own hand made cushions and other people’s hand made, artisan, handcrafted items are equally being lost in the dross…

My work is being stolen from someone at Hong Kong 

Made in China

i just received an item that i purchased on Etsy…it was listed as “Handmade Item”,
from Los Angeles…the label is pre-made & i looked up the name online & it is a
regular company that makes this item, and the label also says “Made in China”…
i’m happy with the item, but i honestly think that this must violate Etsy’s policies
about what can be sold, especially as handmade…it was a brand new item, definitely
not Vintage….has anyone else encountered this issue??…and what, if anything, did
you do about it??

? recommended ?

Somehow I have gotten all of these shop recommended pic’s in my Activity page. Wow it’s like a running water faucet how did they get there and how do I remove them…Help..



2 thoughts on “Just Another Day…

  1. https://www.etsy.com/teams/7718/questions/discuss/13681906/page/1
    The OP sold a Vintage Chanel knockoff (her words not mine) to another Chanel handbag seller. The purchaser (who she names) supposedly scratched up the handbag herself and now wants a refund. Some folks were upset that she called out the name of another Etsy seller, some of us made comment that it was ILLEGAL to sell Chanel knockoffs. We all had out hands smacked with ruler.
    Sadly, Etsy is filled with Chanel knockoffs and no one seems to care.

  2. …If it does not make money for Etsy, it is so far down on their list as to be invisible… Sad but so true. It’s something the sellers have been wanting for a long time. It would help sales in the long run as it would be easier to find things by section within a shop, but since it wouldn’t produce an immediate return Etsy can’t be bothered. Penny wise and dollar foolish. So glad I found another venue to sell on. It’s the best move I ever made.

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