Customer Feedback on Etsy Recommendations Feature

How do you stop ETSY recommendations???

Are YOU Receiving the Recommendations in your Activity Feed?

Unwanted ‘recommendations’

Activity question, when did this start? How can you stop it?

activity icon showing… activity, but nothing happens

Can’t find how to opt out of Etsy ‘recommendations’ cluttering my feed

New Items in Activity Feed

Etsy “recommending” me to follow people…

Who’s Recommending these Shops?


How to remove recommendations from activity feed?

how can you get rid of recommended sites on following page?

Oh PLEAZZZZ Stop this!

When did Etsy start recommending people for me to follow?

anyone’s activity feed acting weird?

Etsy…Please Change Activity FEED

Recommendations in my Activity 

What’s up with Recommended…..

Fix the Activity Feed, please, Etsy!

Activity Feed

Items in my activity feed I did not favorite (and I am not following anyone

I’m getting stuff from people I haven’t followed in my feed

Unreal Activity Notifications

This recommendations have got to stop!

“RECOMMENDED” in activity feed

What is this? Recommended by total strangers in my Activity?

Following people I never followed…

HELP! Can I clean up my activity feed?

Activity Feed quirk?

Recommendation…just realized

Why the “follow this person” suggestions?

There are offensive Items in my activity feed

When did the “Recommended PLAGUE” begin?

porn in my activity feed



One thought on “Customer Feedback on Etsy Recommendations Feature

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