Etsy Artists

Scam Artists??

Um Etsy, you’re featuring a scam shop!

Have not received my order, unable to open a case?

i paid but i didn’t get my order ? Noone turn my mail back ! Dont trust ETSY

Seller [removed] Refuses to Ship My Order

Placed an order last night, now the link to the shop doesn’t work?

no scarves received

never recieve item

Where is my order???

anyone buy from [removed] receive their item?

Placed an order last night, but now the link to the shop doesn’t work?

What a SCAM! BEWARE!!!

Past Reporting Date due to Seller Issue

If a shop is gone, why am I not allowed to report a transaction right away?

Filing a case

Please Help Product delivered was not what was advertised

The seller on my order is not a valid Etsy seller

Needed Advice for an ordered item

Complaint about a seller

Disappointed in Seller

Swindled by a seller on Etsy

I never received my order from a Seller on Etsy

Item never sent

Question about a case/refund

my seller has disappeared and i dont have my item!

Does it always take a month to get a product

how to get refund

Shop gone???

made the order, and after store closed.

Seller shipped wrong item, won’t refund

Non-Delivery Case

Order not received

What can I do if an Etsy shop took my money and ran?

did not receive order (x 2)

Seller disappared without fufilling my order.

[Edited] edited

[removed] selling not selling authentic pandora charms on this website and maybe more seller are deceiving people to believe they are authentic pandora charms! 

NOT receiving order

Reporting a shop

Paid for items – not arrived – seller ignoring emails – advice please ?


I haven’t gotten what I ordered

Seller issue

If you haven’t gotten what you ordered

non answer of emails

Having issues as a buyer…

Got Burned — Now what?

handmade item constantly delayed

Filed a case, only to be told the shop closed…

URL no longer available

Item never sent, shop closed

TrendSendz fake store???




3 thoughts on “Etsy Artists

  1. Yep. An increase in these types of issues are to be expected when you let anyone on the site in the name of the “almighty dollar”.

  2. My items take a lot of time to make. I take pride in my work and am careful to pack it nicely and get it to the customer quickly. Re-sellers with factory items couldn’t care less. They just want the money and if you don’t get what you ordered, oh well. As Sharon said, expect an increase of buyers wondering where their item is.

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