Sorry You Don’t Like Etsy Recommendations, But…

….frankly my dear, Etsy doesn’t give a damn.

From Etsy Administration (Engineer Diane) in reply to How do you stop Etsy recommendations??? 

(in part, emphasis added):

…One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that the Activity Feed is a social shopping feature

A social shopping feature? More like an advertising feature. How long until the recommendations become paid ads, ie, another revenue stream for Etsy??

…It is not intended to be a tool to help manage your shop

So….. what is the intent of recommendations??

The experiments showed that the new user recommendation stories caused a significant increase in many good things: Overall number of purchases, number of favorites, and usage of the activity feed, just to name a few….

Ahhh yes, the many good things… many good things for who? Overall number of purchases certainly benefits Etsy… at the expense of annoying the hell out of millions of users who may decide not to return to the intrusive in-your-face-recommendations-Etsy. And of course there was increased usage of the activity feed… from Etsy cramming it full of recommendations, then users deleting them all. Increased favorites? Favorites are one. big. joke.

Once again, Etsy creates a feature that benefits Etsy Inc. and expects users to believe we created it just for you.


One thought on “Sorry You Don’t Like Etsy Recommendations, But…

  1. It’s amazing how they blatantly ignore something the sellers truly need, such as more shop sections. I’ve left shops on Etsy because they had pages of items and no way to separate them into useful sections for the buyer. If you’re going to make it hard for me to browse the shop I’m not going to stay in it. There hasn’t been 1 good comment on the spamming of the activity feed. They feel it’s increasing sales. It’s not. The site being overrun with junk from factories is what’s driving the sales up. Lots of teenyboppers are interested in the cheap items. I feel bad for the sellers who are going to learn the hard way that Etsy is headed downhill at a very fast pace. Where it lands won’t be good for the handmade shops.

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