Don’t Disparage China, necklaces, husbands…

No disparaging talk of China… oh. you knew that one already.
No disparaging talk of husbands… and
No disparaging talk of necklaces.

(ETA: Cats are fair game. As are boyfriends.)


5 thoughts on “Don’t Disparage China, necklaces, husbands…

  1. If they wanted them gone they would be. Zibbet has no problem getting rid of them. Why does Etsy? Because on Etsy money trumps truth and integrity every time.

  2. Another reason to ban the mention of a particular type of necklace is because the threads are seen on Google. If someone types that description into Etsy’s search they’ll certainly be left with a dim view of Etsy. Admin works very hard to keep the facade up. They can’t have people seeing for themselves what really goes on.

  3. Hey – As the author of your favorite Shut Up (thank you very much) I have been permanently shut up. Yes – perma muted for telling a buyer who opened 4 threads screaming about a non-delivery to “get a grip and stop yelling at people who are trying to help you.” Such a horrible transgression – but not as bad as telling someone to “chill and tone down your control freak.”

    So once again, Ainee and Leslie struck to remove me. It was personal. No doubt.

  4. Tina, perma-muting you was a loss to the Etsy forums. Eventually they will get rid of all voices of reason and all the Etsy sheeples will blindly follow their Etsy leaders… right off the cliff…

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