3 thoughts on “Handmade Rocks!

  1. Handmade and Etsy shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. There is little handmade to be found among all the blank seller shops. They’re multiplying so fast it makes your head spin. One can only assume Chad has made a deal with Wowsai in China. This would explain why anyone who mentions China is immediately permamuted. The thread about the scam shop featured by the Etsy finds email was quickly shut down today by admin with many posts displaying the usual -“This post has been removed.” Admin doesn’t like it when it’s pointed out that the blank sellers get promoted.

  2. I want these Etsy stores shut down. But I have a business to run. I design, make, photograph, write copy, market, ship, do paperwork. By myself. I’m not running a factory where I tell a laborer to make something, and then someone else takes pictures or steals photos from another website, someone else puts the items in an Etsy shop (or multiple shops), someone else packages, someone else ships, etc.

    I’ll continue reporting these Etsy stores and their products. When I see these products featured by Etsy in one of their promotional emails, I’ll send a screenshot of that as well. The copyright holders might find it very interesting that Etsy actually PROMOTES stores selling illegal goods.

    Your “Safe Harbor? or Shady Harbor?” story has me wondering if this kind of promoting by Etsy could hurt their DMCA protection.

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