Etsy Recommends….

As if there is not already enough bullshit on the site, Etsy has rolled out a new feature – Etsy Recommendations, the Etsy version of popup ads. This feature crams a user’s activity feed with Etsy-recommended shops and products and advertises to you, dear seller, through your own shop.

Don’t those programmers have anything better to do? Like giving shop owners more sections? Or making it possible to run multiple shops from one account? You know, those features Etsy customers have been requesting for years. 

So. Head’s up. Don’t be surprised to click on your favorites one morning and find this staring you in the face:


Etsy Sellers Say STOP IT!


4 thoughts on “Etsy Recommends….

  1. Those programmers certainly have a lot to do. One woman had a closed shop reopened, stocked with items she no longer had. Several sellers reported sold items are suddenly appearing for sale again in their store and are having to explain to the buyers they don’t have those products anymore. Some sellers get a blank white page when they click on their convos. What the hell are they doing? As if the site isn’t bad enough already! The Zibbet rewrite is taking a long time because they won’t just throw up code and hope it works. They remove re-sellers and test code before making it live – it’s a site that actually works for the sellers, not against them.

  2. Etsy’s “code as crafters” tech team sure got the ball rolling early this year. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next – the suspense is killing me!

    I’m tired of people thinking I need to have my life recommended to me. On the bottom of Luvocracy’s front page, “It’s better to live the recommended life.” I’m not going to buy something because it’s recommended to me by a tastemaker, curator, or whatever word some marketer comes up with next.

    Are we all lemmings? Does everyone need to wear the same bubble necklace, carry a blinged out cell phone case and lay their head on an Adam Levine pillowcase at night? The bland follow me world of hipsters may run this way but the colorful, handmade world of artists and crafters doesn’t.

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