The Etsy Blanks

Rusetsy has spotted a trend among many newer Etsy sellers. This group takes a blank anything (t-shirt, apron, bag, phone case, pillow case), snatches a company logo, a celebrity photo, applies it to said blank, and voila! a handmade whatever. Many of these shops have no profile. No about page. No policies. 

Who are these people who buy from a shop with absolutely no idea who they are buying from?? I mean… here’s my money… whoever you are… wherever you are….I trust that you won’t steal from me…. just because you steal from companies and celebrities… Again. This says so much about Etsy buyer demographics.

This is a trend sure to continue and grow. But hey. Where there’s money to be made, there’s money to be made. Right, Etsy Inc?

blank1 blank2 blank3


3 thoughts on “The Etsy Blanks

  1. The number of buyers coming to the forums asking where the item they ordered is, and why doesn’t the seller respond is growing daily.

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