Just Another Online Marketplace

As Etsy continues down the Ebay path, it is becoming just another online marketplace. When buyers can no longer distinguish what makes made Etsy unique, it is no longer unique. It’s just one more place to shop. So much for changing the world, Chad.


Meet the New Etsy Buyer

by Anonymous Reader (with permission)

During the holidays I was able to speak with some of my relatives and friends, most of them female, all of them seasoned online shoppers, about their knowledge and experience with Etsy.  The age range of these ladies was from about 30 to 60s and all in all they are a pretty savvy group.  Which really scares the hell out of me because I realized as we spoke, that they represent the market that Etsy and their Chinese reselling friends so desperately want and need for their success.  

My sister in law is in her early 60s, a tech genius who worked for IBM and who knows her way around the internet way better than most younger folk.  She was my main “subject” if you will, because she admits to being a passionate shopper online and in the brick and mortar world.  First I asked her if she knew about Etsy and she said yes, of course, that in fact she had just purchased something, I think it was a piece of jewelry, that she had been looking for, and that it  was inexpensive, and that it came from China which was not a problem.  I asked if she knew Etsy was a site that was primarily for handmade and vintage items, one of a kind stuff, and she said no, that she had never heard that.  In fact, as far as she knew, Etsy was just another place to shop  like Ebay or Amazon, and that she really doesn’t care that much about handmade goods to begin with;  when she shops she does a Google search and then compares to see who’s got the best price.  For what it’s worth, that was the prevailing attitude with everyone I spoke to in the last week:  Etsy is another Ebay  where you can get good deals on a lot of stuff, not appliances, computers and such.  nobody knew or cared about resllers or the handmade or vintage angle;  in fact, someone said they thought that Etsy was doing a good job of picking the BETTER sellers from China or wherever because they had such nice products.   

So folks, there you have it.  I think all legitimate handmade artisans and vintage sellers need to say a prayer to whatever gods they worship, that Zibbet or CraftStart or whoever gets their act together and gives us a new marketplace for our stuff.  Etsy is so over.


4 thoughts on “Just Another Online Marketplace

  1. Zibbet just posted some stats showing that they’ve increased sellers and products by almost 50% in the last three months. Which is astounding. At some point the numbers begin to move exponentially if you have a good product … or blog. I believe it’s a matter of time … and tenacity on our part. The door is wide open for a venue dedicated to “handmade”. For now I’m betting on Zibbet.

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