…and the wise old owl said…

Forgive the pun, but this forum post besides bordering on the ridiculous, is a hoot. A young girl (as it appears from her avi) is upset because she berated someone in another thread for killing bugs. Now feeling terrible and fearing reprimand from the Powers that Be, she opens this thread titled Accidental Abuse, and begins to cry on the shoulders of others. Many offered understanding and support…

…and the wise old owl said:

janinebrasher avatar

“There could certainly be consequences to behaving in a way that is abusive or harassing towards another member of the site. There’s not much you can do at this point – you acted rashly and inappropriately, and now you’ll just have to accept whatever consequences may come your way.”
Hoot hoot!
awwwwww…… now I feel bad for poking fun at a sensitive person….
I’m sorry.

One thought on “…and the wise old owl said…

  1. Good grief. This silly bit of fluff crying her pretty little eyes out was smarter than she looked. So many comments before the usual effete and pre-stamped reply from the administrator. Then they closed the thread. But not after blondie got the attention she craved. Disgusting. But she snookered Etsy and the forum into listening to her.

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