All by Design

Rusetsy knows where the “holiday dresses” link on the Etsy front page leads without ever going there…  but for fun, let’s just see which shops are prominently featured in Browse. Follow the “holiday dresses” link from the front page, choose “handmade,” and here are the shops featured front and center, page 1:









Fitdesign opened shop on August 5, 2013; 184 sales. Items ship from China. This is a 3.5 star shop with telling reviews. No seller information other than “we.” No about page. “Cheap price.”

Elegantlovers opened shop on May 13, 2013; 39 sales. Shop located in Malaysia. 5-star shop. No seller information other than “we.” No about page.

BestdealFashion opened shop March 3, 2013; 280 sales. Shop located in North Carolina, USA. 4.5-star shop. Seller information: “…We are running a small fashion shop by my entire family, also hired Jessica Stallings, Patrick Blaney and Laura Ortiz to work together as a term for orders fulfill and manufacture.” No about page. Same dresses can
be found on (with same photos).

CarlyCustomDress opened shop November 25, 2013; 77 sales. Items ship from China. No reviews. No seller information. No shop policies. No about page.

MissBrides opened shop January, 2013; Began listing in September, 2013. 2 sales. Shop located in Hong Kong. No seller information other than “we.” No about page. This shop has dresses listed with an”Eternal Brides” watermark on the photos; however the shop owner assures buyers the photos are her own. EternalBrides, based in China, also has an Etsy shop. MissBrides also has dresses listed with “loving” and “” watermarks on the
photos. A search for lovingdress on Etsy leads you back to the MissBrides shop. (Are we confused yet?)

KissyBride opened shop May 27, 2013; 201 sales. Shop located in China. Seller information: “we” and “…Our models are designed by a professional group of designers who have a sharp nose for fashion in the apparel field. Many of their masterpieces have been popular with customers worldwide in the last few years.” No about page.

Donastyle opened shop August 4, 2013; 22 sales. Shop based in Romania. 5-star shop. Seller information provided. About page provided.

Lemonweddingdress opened shop March 15, 2013; 252 sales. Shop based in China. 4.5-star shop with many good reviews. Seller information: “we” and “our.” No about page.

All but one of these shops has no about page, and most offer no information on who “we” is, or what “we” does, or how “we” makes their products. Absolutely no transparency. Do you think these shops will suddenly come around and comply with the About Page requirement? Don’t bet on it.

From Etsy Admin (emphasis added):

In the near term, we will not be proactively seeking out or punishing sellers that have not filled out their About pages. Over time, we’ll be working with all shops to add information and continue to build more transparency on Etsy. You will be given plenty of time to make changes…

In case you haven’t figured out what is going on with the about page nonsense, here is the scoop. Etsy could care less whether everyone has an about page, and doesn’t expect everyone to have an about page. The about page was created as a way around creating separate categories for handmade and factory-made. And over time. well, that means in perpetuity…

What Etsy does expect is that you, honest seller, create an about page to lend legitimacy to the idea of transparency on the site. And this is how it will go….

Etsy will say see how transparent we are, we have required an about page of all our sellers…. and meanwhile, all the dishonest shops will still have no about page, to which Etsy will respond (if anyone dares to question) that Administration is working hard to bring all sellers into compliance, but oh dear, there are just so many sellers, and not enough Administrators, and then…. Administration will pull out the whip…. to the legitimate sellers who have no about page…  this will be followed by phoney-baloney statistics showing just how many sellers have been cited for being in non-compliance with the about page rule…. meanwhile, the dishonest sellers will continue to get a pass on transparency. Of course, Etsy will then have to ban any talk of the about page from the forums. Believe me. We have seen this all before.

And it is all by design people. All by design.


3 thoughts on “All by Design

  1. I agree Handmade. That’s exactly what Etsy’s going to do. The legitimate handmade sellers are being set up once again as a cover for a declining site. We are the fodder for their attacks and the cover they use to allow manufactured goods on the site.

    I wonder when the weather report comes out with its doctored numbers giving the cupcake eater and koolaid drinkers the impression that all is well.

  2. On the one hand admin reassures sellers in the forums that re-sellers aren’t flooding the site. On the other hand they’ve sent out a survey to see how many handmade sellers are planning to go to another venue. They know the sellers are getting wise to the difference as to what’s said and what’s actually done by Etsy. Do a search for bubble necklace on Etsy and then do the same on Zibbet. Just how naive do they think we are? Guess which site my handmade items are on.

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you knew how reliable EternalBrides shop is? I saw that they have 350+ sales and 4.5 stars. Do you know how good they are, and if their dresses are good quality?

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