Huge Opportunity!!

This shop owner is so thrilled with sales of her handmade merchandise… and says “huge opportunity money-wise.”  She also says it is hard work….  “this is taking so much time and effort.” Yep. Must take lots of time and effort to get all the details perfect on those COUNTERFEITS!

Can’t wait to read your About Page, Monica!

listing1 listing2

7 thoughts on “Huge Opportunity!!

  1. I have all of Monica’s links ready to send off to Chanel and can’t find an email to report trademark infringement / sales of counterfeit goods to them. I can’t find it on Chanel’s website. Anyone here have this info?

  2. “One of the things I was hoping to get across in my blog post is that the perception that Etsy is overrun by resellers is not actually the case”. This was a statement made by one of the admin. IT IS actually the case. Just search for something on Etsy. I was able to spot the re-sellers just by looking at the photos. I clicked on the item just to see if it was coming from a factory in China and in every single case it was.

    • Of course! Administration says the problem isn’t resellers – the problem is faulty perception of legitimate sellers! Administration always plays the blame game when the subject of resellers comes up. Every. single. time.

  3. When you mention this to Chanel tell them that Etsy will need to be checked often for these items. Too bad they don’t have to return the $.20 listing fee for those items (like Hello Kitty, lets see 26,000 x .20 = $5200) and get fined for the percentage they take for the sell. Does the Federal Trade Commission handle these type of things? I got a couple hundred dollars back from a credit card processer because the FTC went after them. Out of the contract I didn’t know I signed up for, undisclosed fees, supplies I didn’t request. I was so relieved.

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