End of the Line for One Seller

This Etsy seller has had her shop open for only six months but already has a good understanding of the real Etsy. From this post, she says (in part):

“As of date i have had two sales that were not to family or friends. And in my case i found etsy to be a huge let down. I honestly think if i set up my shop on the side of the road with cardboard signs and sold out of a van i would have MUCH better success than selling thru etsy. Add to this the hidden underbelly of Etsy comprised of cut throat resellers and manufacturers competing in my field and its clear to me that the writing is on the wall. To this date i have reported several Chinese based resellers, some using stock photos that you can find all over the internet i have yet to see anything happen to them. But i understand etsys position, they make sales lots of them while i am struggling and etsy is a business. Right now i am closing my shop….”

Of course, many sellers jumped in to tell her she had not given her shop enough time, what she could do to improve, etc, etc, but the most honest comment was this one (in part):

“This venue is not what it used to be, and the stated direction it is headed in is not good news for small handmade sellers. I personally believe it will get even more impossible for the little guy. Some see it now, some will see it later – some will never see it. There is nothing wrong with being one of the quickest to see the writing on the wall – I actually commend you for having that insight, as I happen to agree with you that it is hard to make any serious money here – it is not the only game in town, nor the be all to end all… Remember the definition of insanity….continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results…..”



One thought on “End of the Line for One Seller

  1. Zibbet has been vigilant in removing the re-sellers. I’m impressed with the way they’re running the site and I’ve started to make sales. They bend over backwards to help the sellers and if you have a question submitted through email you get a response the next day at the latest. They also will answer questions in the forums and not one answer has been canned!

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