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January 1st is fast approaching and still no definitive word or notice from Etsy on the About Page. Is it a requirement for all shops? handmade only? handmade using manufacturing assistance only? Or is use of the About Page only a recommendation? If a requirement, how are they planning on enforcing it?

Etsy sellers have requested clarification from Administration on the About Page because to date, Etsy Administration has given conflicting answers (emphasis added):

Sarah A (admin). 7:30 pm Oct 1, 2013 EDT

Hiya Anemone,

Thanks for asking about this— the About page is required for all sellers in all categories, not just Handmade sellers. We’ll work on clearing this up for folks.

Corinne (admin) 4:01 pm Oct 1, 2013 EDT

It will take a little time but

in the new year we will require that every shop have an about page. If the integrity team investigates a shop and the information they provide does not match what they have in their about page we will ask them to change that information to honestly reflect how their items are made. 

Similarly, if a seller is not willing to be open and honest we will have to remove them from the marketplace.
Eric Fixler from  5:12 pm Nov 27, 2013 EST
It’s up to you whether or not you put information or photos on your shop’s About page. We do think that it’s a good way for buyers to learn about you and your business, and thus a useful promotional tool, but it’s up to you whether or not to use it.
There is one new requirement starting in January 2014: If you have people who help you make your items, you will need to list them in your shop. The About page has a facility specifically for managing this list.
So Admin, what about the About Page? Required or not? Your customers need an answer.

4 thoughts on “About the About Page

  1. Just like any other rule on resellers, they won’t be enforcing the “about page.” They will be spewing their smoke and mirror responses like they always do and will continue to do business as usual. Oh, and while I’m here, where is the supposed “phone support” that was promised for November? Needless to say, I’m shocked, just shocked I tell ya, on another lie from Etsy.

  2. “Similarly, if a seller is not willing to be open and honest we will have to remove them from the marketplace.”

    Bahaha. Because they’ve been doing such a good job thus far?

    Thanks for the laugh : )

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