Bait & Switch

Bait and Switch?

I hope that someone can point me in the right direction. I purchased a Chanel bag for $1400.00 (it is authentic) as a xmas gift for my daughter. Seller family member shipped the wrong bag. Seller contacted me and asked that I contact her if indeed I received the wrong bag. I have sent her numerous messages for 2 days now and no response. I contacted etsy via messaging as they do not have phone support, and of course haven’t heard from them either. I click on the seller’s store name and I get an url error message…

…This is insane! Purchased on the 6th…seller away on “business” returning on the 18th. Had family member ship on the 14th after my insisting xmas gift,etc. A $20.00 bag was received! She did email stating she might have shippped the wrong bag based on her merchandise. Uuhhh…did she not see that the bag sold was still in her location?

Sorry to inform you, dear buyer. You did not purchase an authentic Chanel bag for $1400, you purchased a $20 bag for $1400. And yes, Etsy made money off this transaction.

3 thoughts on “Bait & Switch

  1. Obviously a scam – one in which Etsy is culpable. Their deceptive policy allowing mass-produced factory-made items to be called “handmade” and their turning a blind eye to the rampant resellers and proliferation of copyright-infringing designer knock-offs has created a very high-risk marketplace for buyers.

  2. Several sellers (also buyers) on Etsy have been caught in this bait and switch. They thought they ordered handmade and guess what they got? Etsy is turning off buyers one by one. They’ve been in the forums saying what a bad experience their purchase was. It’s a real shame for the handmade sellers.

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