Waving to the NSA

NSA, when you get this message, would you please pass it on to your boss? Tell him the American people, and those abroad, are appalled that he allows your agency to spy on us and collect our private information, and we are so very tired of government abuse of our rights and freedoms, and trampling of the U.S. Constitution by this administration.

Also let him know that while we are in agreement with the CEOs of the billion-dollar corporations calling for NSA reform, those CEOs do not speak for us. They are as far removed from the American public as the President himself. The companies represented by those CEOs are as guilty as the NSA of abusing the privacy of users and tracking user information, and their interests lie only in how NSA actions effect their bottom-dollar. 

For the average American (the 99%), we want our freedoms restored and for the government to mind its own business. Which business, by the way, should be working for us, not against us. Please let your boss know we are also tired of being forced to turn over our hard-earned money to the government to waste as it sees fit, even funding the very agency that spies on us. 

To those CEOs who contributed to the Obama campaign , you get what you pay for.

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