We Are in Big Trouble. Big with a Capital B.

This would be downright funny. If it wasn’t so freakin’ scary. The President of the United States today held a meeting with CEO’s of the big dog tech companies and Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO, was among them. On the agenda was Obamacare and the NSA surveillance programs.

God forbid that Chad gave the President any advice on the Health.gov website issues. We think there are problems now, can you even imagine?

Mr. President, first you redefine health

…then send those who lie and cheat to the front of the line for preferential treatment…

…and site search… we can fix that right up for you… oh don’t worry, Mr. President, I’ve got IT geniuses working for me….

We know how to shut those up that don’t agree with your health care plan… 

…well, see, you call it an insurance policy, but….

…and you have the IRS base the illnesses on relevancy… of course, Etsy Administrators could help out…

Yes sir, we have an entire Integrity Team…. they and Kathleen Sebelius would get along just fine…

Mr. President, you and I see eye-to-eye on this transparency thing…

If the United States of America is depending on Chad Dickerson to help save healthcare.gov, we are in Very. Big. Trouble.

As for the NSA issues… I can’t even go there right now….

But, hey. I think there is a hidden agenda here. I think Mr. President wants to know about all those treasuries he has heard Chad is in charge of… boy. Won’t he be disappointed… No, Mr. President, not THAT kind of treasury…

Wonder if Chad took Obama one of those handmade t-shirts from Etsy??




4 thoughts on “We Are in Big Trouble. Big with a Capital B.

  1. Chad was probably just a speck at the table to Obama. I can hear O. now, “ETSY – what’s that stand for? Easy To Screw You?” Yep, he’d be right there. Etsy and the federal government both excel at that – screwing people.

  2. Wow, this is truly scary. All of it. Facebook is coming under fire right now for retaining data on users’ self-deleted posts, and Etsy has shown itself to be extraordinarily dishonest, deceptive and unethical – and the CEO’s of these companies are advising the President on the NSA scandal? I’d make a joke and say they all need to be wearing three-armed sweaters except, you’re right, none of this is funny.

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