Etsy Forums Afire

The burning topic on the Etsy forums (and the Zibbet forums) today is that Zibbet founder, Andrew Gray, is the pastor of a Christian (C3) church. The OP,  in this post, states her concerns about his ties to the C3 church and the fact that she and Andrew don’t share the same views on abortion and homosexuality, and this led to her decision to close her Zibbet shop. Since the OP felt others might also find Andrew’s beliefs relevant to their business decisions, she wanted to make them aware of his beliefs based on his then-public twitter postings. She also posted a link to a 2008, somewhat biased article about the type of church Andrew pastors.

The OP may as well have thrown a match into a tank of gasoline because the thread quickly ignited into a flame-throwing free-for-all that I won’t even attempt to try and explain. Just read it for yourself if you dare. But take the fire extinguisher.

(edited to delete previous snarky comments about Etsy Administrator Anee)


11 thoughts on “Etsy Forums Afire

  1. I wasn’t about AG’s beliefs, or his religion or that he is a pastor of a C3 church. He used his personal/ceozibbet/C3pastor twitter account to tweet about homophobia, racism and misogyny. That is what many of us have or had issue with, I believe it’s called hatred. Of course his twitter account is now ‘protected’ and you can’t read what he wrote but many have screen shots when it was set to public. So at that time, anyone could read what he was all atwitter about at any given time and that seemed to alarm people. People may want to do their own research though and certainly form your own opinion on the issue.

    • People do have the right to make informed decisions for themselves and businesses. The fact that the thread turned into anything else is absurd, and sadly, par for the Etsy course.

  2. AG’s personal beliefs don’t seem to have had any influence on the business site. At least I haven’t seen it. I find it funny that personal beliefs that don’t affect a site are of more concern than a site that has degraded into Ebay and has a CEO who redefined the word handmade to cover for re-sellers.

  3. There was a discussion about this over on Zibbet as well. See here:

    The difference between asking questions/starting a flame war? over on Zibbet is that the thread is still up and there was a statement made by AG to address the questions. On E, the thread would have been shut down and the question asker would have been disappeared. I don’t agree with what was tweeted by AG, but his views haven’t affected my business on Zibbet. We’ll see if anything really happens with this. If so, I’ll be the first to jump ship. (I ain’t no cupcake!)

    So far, though, it just looks like someone trying to infect the exodus of sellers from E due to the ‘handmade’ redefinition bombshell.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do that. Hmmm…

  4. The question that was asked was “6. Is Jonathan also a pastor or member in the C3 or City Harvest Church?” The member portion was dropped in the response by Andrew Gray. He did not say that Jonathan Peacock is not a C3 member. Only that he is not a Pastor. The question was not fully answered.

  5. That Andrew Gray is a C3 Pastor was not in question. He’s a Senior Minister. The question was asked about Jonathan’s involvement.

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