Hello Everyone, I Am A Chinese Seller

This forum post from a new Chinese seller was met with sarcasm, bitterness and cruelty. While some pointed out the sarcasm, bitterness and cruelty, others took offense at being accused of such, and others took offense at others being offended; and the bickering continued as the Chinese seller was probably left wondering what the hell he had done to offend so many.

This is the monster Etsy has created.

Etsy, in its overriding desire to become a player in the Chinese market, has embraced all Chinese sellers whether manufacturer, handmaker, reseller, or something in between. It allows Chinese manufacturers and resellers to flourish on the site, pretends not to notice the majority of resellers are from China, and of course, even denies the existence of resellers. And then, it expects the Etsy community to accept all Chinese sellers with a smile and a big, warm welcome.

Unfortunately, there are many Chinese sellers who probably have no idea why all the bitterness toward them. They may believe the Etsy community is anti-China, which is absolutely not the truth. Etsy is an international community and most members enjoy camaraderie with their global counterparts and embrace the commonalities and differences in cultures.

Most members, do not, however, embrace resellers or mass-producers from ANYWHERE. And that is where the sarcasm, bitterness and cruelty comes from. It is brought on by the divisive business practices of a company priding itself on global status.


2 thoughts on “Hello Everyone, I Am A Chinese Seller

  1. I had no idea that the Etsy admins have such a great sense of humor- and it isn’t even April Fools yet! Thanks for making my Sunday morning so enjoyable. Nothing like a good laugh to start the day.

  2. There are legitimate handmade sellers from China. They have quality items, I have purchased from them and can definitely say those items were handmade. The problem is the profusion of resellers from China who clog the search with cheap junk. Etsy has gone so far as to send sellers who report them nasty emails. You can read some of the remarks from admin here: https://www.etsy.com/teams/7722/discussions/discuss/13555449/page/1?before_date=1387070082&before_post=201444065
    All resellers will be allowed to stay. I reported 2 of them 2 years ago and they’re still on Etsy. You only have to take a quick glance to see how cheap the jewelry is and it can be found on Alibaba, Ebay and AliExpress. If you check Alexa.com you will find the majority of buyers from Etsy originate from computers used at school, whereas Zibbet buyers use computers from home. The young buyers still in school only want the cheap items. Etsy should do well.

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