Crock of Doodle Doo

This shop has been on Etsy for over a year and has over 600 sales. The majority of those sales came from goods carrying the designer logos of Chanel, YSL, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. Etsy and its millionaire investors profit well from this little company and its designer goods, and from the many more like it, with more setting up shop daily.

The manufacture and sale of counterfeit merchandise is not a victimless crime, and costs U.S. businesses alone $250 billion dollars a year, along with the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Economical losses aside, there is the very real human suffering that often comes from the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods as pointed out in this article.

Yet Etsy Inc., through its B-Corp status, holds itself out as a socially responsible company, one that “through their products, practices, and profits… aspire(s) to do no harm and benefit all.”

What a crock of doodle.

As Etsy continues to declare itself only a venue, it seemingly oversteps that boundary by requiring an about page of all sellers, and manufacturing approval of some. So why not require proof of copyright/trademark licensing? If Etsy intends to police the site for those breaking Etsy rules, wouldn’t it be prudent to also police the site for those breaking the law?

Of course, Etsy pleads ignorance to law breakers, just as it does to rule breakers.

More doodle doo.

3 thoughts on “Crock of Doodle Doo

  1. Contact the companies and tell them where the knock-off merchandise is being sold. Most people have not heard of Etsy and they might not have either.

    • Honestly folks- as a recent muted seller (banned from the forums for speaking my mind) – I am calling jcrew first thing in the morning to talk about how I can start reporting the thousands of ‘jcrew bubble necklaces’ selling on that site.

      Dear etsy admins… You kids are about to be real busy.

  2. Yes, they’re requiring an about page starting in January because they know the re-sellers won’t lie on their about page. I wonder how many of them will have the exact same about page, just like they all have the exact same items. Will all the bubble necklace shops band together to have the same about page?

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