A Matter of Time

Wonder what Coach would think about the use of its logo on this lovely little watch, and the use of its’ name to sell it?  Or the use of its signature fabric replicated on this phone case? You can keep a watch (pun intended) on these two items that are sure to soon disappear from Etsy.

But what about those shops that have profited from stolen artwork from other Etsy sellers? Will they be shut down? I have followed with interest the happenings of one such shop as several sellers have expressed frustration and disgust at Etsy allowing it to remain open after stealing Etsians artwork for printing on pillow covers. Although the infringing listings were taken down, the shop remains open where it continues to sell what may be infringing items.

Why the double standard? M.O.N.E.Y.

Most Etsy artists don’t have the financial means to go after copyright and trademark infringers. But the big boys like Coach do. And will.

It’s only a matter of time.





3 thoughts on “A Matter of Time

  1. https://www.etsy.com/teams/7722/discussions/discuss/13555449/page/4 : “This past weekend, millions of shoppers came to Etsy looking for alternatives to the same old chain stores and online behemoths,” Dickerson wrote on the Etsy blog. “When you buy on Etsy, you’re supporting over one million independent, creative businesses in communities around the world and buying one-of-a-kind gifts with stories behind them for the people you care about most.”

    So many folks on etsy had a bad sales weekend – I lost $1500 this month – and frankly, the only people who made it very big were the manufacturers from China who posted a zillion things and clogged up the pages. I went “shopping” and found exactly what I might find at Walmart or Target – a lot of crap with an occasional piece of handmade.
    Stop drinking the KoolAid, Ina.

  2. From the same discussion a seller who reports resellers has been receiving nasty emails from admin. “I was actually told by one etsy employee that I was just being prejudice. I am definitely NOT prejudice in anyway and buy from sellers all over. Yes, really. I have saved all the emails from Etsy with their nasty remarks.”

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