Resellers on Etsy Front Page; Administration Says They are Not Welcome

Do you remember not so long ago when a reseller featured on the front page of Etsy would be followed by community outrage (Baligate, anyone?) No longer, folks. It is now just an everyday occurrence, and an accepted Etsy practice. No one even notices anymore…



5 thoughts on “Resellers on Etsy Front Page; Administration Says They are Not Welcome

  1. One of the problems is that the buyers are not well informed. Sad to say that many newcomers are just out for a “bargain” which in many cases can be a 50 cent piece of “handmade” or “vintage” jewelry that is manufactured in China, Korea or elsewhere, but which is being resold by someone from California or the US. People are fooled because the item is shipped from the USA. Same goes for the phony brand name handbags, knapsacks, accessories– I know from my own retail business how it works. You can always get what are called “replica” bags that look just like the real deal but which are not counterfeit because they have no designer tags or other fake ID and also, they’re made very cheaply and can be bought wholesale for $10 bucks in many cases. There is no place for this stuff on Etsy and it’s too bad that people are being fooled. The sellers are all hip to what’s going on, but how do you educate the buyers?

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  4. Its now Feb 20, 2014, and the shops selling these lovely items, which Anee of Etsy says are not welcomed to sell, are all still in business and selling all the different colors this lovely bag is sold in, brown, red and blue. Obviously Etsy has little interest in shutting down these resellers of the same products.

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