There is a new type of seller on Etsy….and they are coming out of the closet… literally.

closet1 closet2 closet3 closet4 closet5 closet6 closet7 closet8 closet9 closet10




4 thoughts on “Etsybay

  1. You can search all day and find that crap, but their “integrity” team, which is obviously as useless as a sack of rock, has nothing better to do than target people who say negative things about Etsy in the forums. Where is the integrity in that? I don’t think Etsy hasn’t had any integrity since Chad came on board. They’ve become lost in their own greed and abuse of power.

    • Integrity has been redefined just like handmade. Judging by the discussions in the forums the sellers are starting to see that Etsy is only interested in greed. They police the forums but REFUSE to police the resellers!

  2. Wow ….”Designer Brands” only opened on December 4th and have SEVEN sales already. What a great place Etsy is to find designer goods, Wow.

    Ooops. This is Etsy? Isn’t this a venue for handmade? How do you get to be a designer BRAND so quickly?

    Oh …. I have another question. What is an “Integrity Team”? I’m confused.

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