Black Milk Sweep Continues

Etsy’s sweep of the Black Milk counterfeit shop continues… the shop has now disappeared… along with all evidence of any sales Etsy profited from sold listings.




3 thoughts on “Black Milk Sweep Continues

  1. I feel these disappearances are a lot more to do with Etsy covering its hide, than maintaining the integrity of the site (assuming they, and I use the same definition of the word).

  2. The following is a discussion of a seller’s boyfriend’s reseller list. Etsy admin once again pretends that reporting the shops will lead to an investigation. How can they not see many, many shops selling the exact same item? Are they inept, lazy or just protecting the bottom line? Well, we all know the answer to that one! :
    I honestly had no idea how flooded this site was…There are literally hundreds of these items, I seriously don’t understand how hard it can be for admin to spot them and shut them down…Did Etsy make up a new definition for integrity when they made a new definition for Handmade?

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